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Potent D3 dopamine receptor agonist (Ki = 2.3 nM).
(+)-Bicuculline is an antagonist of the GABAA receptor.
Vitamin D3 analog.
Prohormone of calcitriol. Major circulating form of vitamin D.
Prodrug of vitamin D3.
Vitamin D2 analog, VDR agonist.
Vitamin D receptor (VDR) agonist
P-glycoprotein (P-gp) modulator; inhibits P-gp-mediated multidrug-resistance (MDR).
A potent and specific Aurora kinase B inhibitor
CYC116 (CYC-116)is an oral small molecule Aurora kinase/VEGFR2 inhibitor with antineoplastic activity.
Potent inhibitor of aurora kinases with Ki values to be 0.6, 18 and 4.6 nM for auraro A, B and C isotypes respectively.
Potent, reversible AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activator.
Y-27632 dihydrochloride is a selective Rho-kinase inhibitor, which suppresses cholinergic nerve-mediated contractions.
dalcetrapib inhibits cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP); Lipoprotein Disorders.
Dual kinase inhibitor; inhibits PI 3K family kinases.
GDC-0941 is an orally bioavailable bismesylate salt of a potent small-molecule thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidine inhibitor.
BEZ235 (NVP-BEZ235) is an inhibitor of PI3K and mTOR.p110, IC50<6nM.
A66 is a highly specific and selective p110α inhibitor with IC50 of 32,30 and 43 nM for p110α, p110α/E545K, p110α/E545K, p110α/H1047R, respectively.
A potent inhibitor of PI 3-kinase activity, acting as a competitive inhibitor for ATP binding site of the enzyme.
Potent and selective mTOR inhibitor (IC50 = 2.1 nM).
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