Product Information
C13246  Abiraterone(CB-7598)
Synonyms:CB-7598, CB7598
CAS No.:154229-19-3
Molecular Formula:C24H31NO
Molecular Weight:349.51
Appearance:White or off-white powder
Storage: at -20℃ 2 years
Abiraterone(CB-7598)   Introduction:
Chemical Name: 17-(3-Pyridyl)androsta-5,16-dien-3beta-ol
Biological Activity:
Abiraterone (CB-7598, CB7598, CB 7598) is a potent steroidal cytochrome P450 17alpha-hydroxylase-17,20-lyase  (CYP17) inhibitor with an IC50 at 4 nM.
Abiraterone (CB-7598, CB7598, CB 7598) is currently undergoing phase II clinical trials as a potential compound for the treatment of prostate cancer. In preclinical studies, abiraterone (CB-7598, CB7598, CB 7598) has demonstrated the ability to selectively inhibit the target enzyme, resulting in inhibition of testosterone production in both the adrenals and the testes. Clinical studies demonstrated that CYP17 blockade by abiraterone acetate is safe and has significant antitumor activity in CRPC (castration-resistant prostate cancer).

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