Product Information
C13420  XL184(Cabozantinib)
CAS No.:849217-68-1
Molecular Formula:C28H24FN3O5
Molecular Weight:501.51
Appearance:Off-white solid
Storage:at -20℃ 2 years
XL184(Cabozantinib)   Introduction:
Biological Activity:
XL184 (Cabozantinib) is a potent multitargeted VEGFR2, Met, FLT3, Tie2, Kit and Ret inhibitor with IC50 of 0.035, 1.8, 14.4, 14.3 and 4.6 nM for VEGFR2, Met, FLT3, Tie2 and Kit, respectively. In cells XL184 (Cabozantinib) is also very potent, with IC50 under 10 nM for VEGFR2, MET, Kit and FLT3-ITD mechanistic assays. In in vitro angiogenesis assays, XL184 (Cabozantinib) exhibits single-digit nanomolar potency. In mouse xenograft models, XL184 (Cabozantinib), dosed orally, demonstrated dose-dependent inhibition of tumor growth and tumor regression, associated with disruption of the tumor vasculature and extensive tumor cell apoptosis.

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